Neon Chrome Now On Greenlight!

Our Greenlight campaign has started, wohoo! You can immediately give the game a thumbs up by clicking here. We’re also releasing the Greenlight trailer below on our Youtube-channel and on IndieDB.

Here’s a list of some game features:

  • Ruthless indoor top-down shooting: Fight your way through the Neon Chrome using your abilities, weapons, and skill.
  • No two paths are alike: Neon Chrome levels are a mix of procedural generation and hand crafting. Every run will be a unique experience.
  • Cybernetic Enhancements: Upgrade your character with awesome cybernetic enhancements like subdermal armor or splitter bullets
  • Choosing a character: Choose a new character before each run. Characters are a combination of role, ability and weapons.
  • Bring down the world: You can level whole floors in Neon Chrome. Explosives work best!
  • A dangerous and violent place: Meet an array of enemies ranging from security guards to military weapons platforms.
  • Local co-op: Make your friends explode with carelessly tossed grenades

Also, remember to apply for beta access and get the latest news by signing up for the mailing list below:

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