Neon Chrome Greenlit!

Thanks to all the voters Neon Chrome was greenlit last night on Steam! This feels great as this means that our distribution routes on PC, PS4, and Xbox One are all open now. Our highest rank was 8th out of over 1500 games. This was actually higher than we expected and it gives us more confidence and strength to push through the last bit of development ahead of us.

Currently the game is complete and can be played through and through again (the game gets harder after each playthrough). After the last internal test session we found a bunch of things we need to polish and solve before going into a closed Steam beta – which is the next step.

Originally we wanted to have the Steam closed beta online in December 2015, but as said, we feel that we need to polish and finalize a few things before doing that. This means we’ll aim for January 2016 as we’ll also take a small break during the holidays. Anyways, sign up for the mailing list for beta invites and other news – we’ll continue working on the game. You can see the final Greenlight stats below if you’re interested.