Steam Beta and Development Update

At the moment we’ve been playing the game with a small group of little over 20 people on Steam for around two weeks. This week we’ll send out more invites and keys with the goal of getting 30-50 new players into the game. The feedback has been only positive and people seem to enjoy the game a lot. That said we’ve also received a ton of improvement ideas and bug reports which we’ve been fixing and implementing as we go. All in all, the beta is progressing nicely. If you’d like to participate and haven’t signed up to our mailing list, please do so. We’ll pull more people in from the mailing list as we go.

One of the coolest things we implemented just a few days ago is the additional baseboard lighting. One of the testers said to us that the game could use a bit more color and light in visuals so we pulled the baseboard lighting trick from our sleeve. You can observe the effect in the attached picture. A lot better with the baseboard lights isnt’t it?



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