Development Progress Update

This week we’ve been working on things listed below. The rest of the week will probably be spent with console stuff plus further general fixing and tweaking. We also need to start thinking about the trailer and other marketing stuff as we start to close on the yet unannounced Steam release date.

  • We’re researching mod/ucg support. We might have some user generated content possibilites in the form of levels at least. Maybe even more in the future. We’ll start small however, as we have many other things to do still
  • We’ve been fixing and tweaking the game according to beta tester feedback. The target was weekly Steam updates and we’ve been able to keep that up.
  • Polishing for console versions was also started. Next week we’ll probably start updating console builds.
  • Almost 300 beta invites sent for Steam Beta so far. The batch this week might be the last.

Also, check out the coming soon page on Steam: