Month: April 2016

About the Visual Style of Neon Chrome

Back in late 2014, 10tons was heavily focused on mobile and PC and we did only 2D games. As PS4 and Xbox One opened up to smaller developers we ported a lot of games over to these consoles. The ports did quite well and it was clear that we’ve succesfully entered a new market. So,

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About AI Path Planning in Neon Chrome

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Internally we’ve called Neon Chrome a “pseudo-realistic indoor top-down shooter”. This means that the game happens inside a building with at least “somewhat believable interior decoration” and “not completely unrealistic floor layouts”. These parameters were set by the gameplay design: Fun gameplay will be the primary goal and the immersive environment a secondary goal. So,

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Neon Chrome Launches on 28th April 2016 on Steam

We finally have a launch date 28th April 2016! Wohoo! We’re still implementing a feature or two but after that we have only two weeks to release and we need to focus on testing and final polish. We’ll be also publishing more articles about the development of Neon Chrome in the near future. The article

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