Watch 4K Footage of Neon Chrome

We’ve been waiting for a nice opportunity to add proper 4K support for our games. Now it seems like the PS4 Pro will be a nice platform to start on!

We are already running Neon Chrome on 4K on PC development environment. We’d like to build proper PC 4k support as well, but we’d need to build run time asset reloading in order to change our art assets on fly when selecting a 4k resolution as PC users can change their resolutions much more freely.

However, we’ll be starting with the PS4 Pro. It seems that On PS4 we’re more draw call than fill rate limited on so we’re hoping to reach 60 fps most of the time on 4k with PS4 Pro! We’ll learn more when we start the development for real in a few days. You can see the game in 4K in the video below. Bear in mind that you need a 4K display and a beefy computer to play the video properly.

A demonstration of the amount of detail in 4K below.


Here’s also a 4k screen shot. It has a tiny amount of compression artifacts as it is a screen grab from the video.