Neon Chrome iOS Launch Details Revealed

We have some exciting news to share with you all! Neon Chrome for iOS will launch on 17th November 2016. We’ll kick off with a massive -50% off launch sale so the launch price will be USD/EUR 4.99. This price will last for 14 days. You can find some screenshots and video below.

We took our time creating this version in order to make it as good as we can. We had around 300 beta testers and we also worked with Enzyme to focus test and then improve the iOS version. We think that we’ve created a really compelling mobile version. With a powerful iPad and a good MFi controller the experience is close to the original PC and console version! For an optimal experience, we recommend devices like iPhone 6 or better and the more recent iPads.

The most notable changes in mobile is the pacing: The game pace is a bit slower on mobile. Even though we have really good touch controls, you can never outperform a gamepad or a keyboard+mouse. This fundamental difference was compensated with pacing changes and other changes like damage/hp balancing. We think the mobile version is a bit more relaxed than the PC and console version. We researched the difficulty with our beta testers and our focus group and currently it looks like we’re in a good spot.

We’ve also added some helpers like auto aim and combined use+melee action. You can naturally switch off the auto-aim if you like to have all the control. We also have two ways to use the ability: on-screen button which you can hide or “touch and release” on-screen aiming.

We’re really excited to see how the game finds its audience on iOS. In future we’ll also issue a couple of updates according to player feedback as well.

Here are the hilights of this highly polished twin-stick top-down shooter:

  • Infinitely replayable: Levels procedurally generated
  • Completely destructible environment
  • RPG-like permanent upgrades and role-system.
  • Powerful game-changing cybernetic perks
  • Exciting boss battles and special levels