Neon Chrome iOS Launch Details Revealed

We have some exciting news to share with you all! Neon Chrome for iOS will launch on 17th November 2016. We’ll kick off with a massive -50% off launch sale so the launch price will be USD/EUR 4.99. This price will last for 14 days. You can find some screenshots and video below. We took

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Neon Chrome 4K is Live on PS4 Pro

Last time I wrote about our plans for 4K on PS4 Pro and today they are reality. The game was updated and the 4K support for PS4 Pro is now available. We were able to deliver true native 4K at 60fps for Neon Chrome! The game renders in true native resolution without any upscaling. We

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Watch 4K Footage of Neon Chrome

We’ve been waiting for a nice opportunity to add proper 4K support for our games. Now it seems like the PS4 Pro will be a nice platform to start on! We are already running Neon Chrome on 4K on PC development environment. We’d like to build proper PC 4k support as well, but we’d need

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About the Visual Style of Neon Chrome

Back in late 2014, 10tons was heavily focused on mobile and PC and we did only 2D games. As PS4 and Xbox One opened up to smaller developers we ported a lot of games over to these consoles. The ports did quite well and it was clear that we’ve succesfully entered a new market. So,

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About AI Path Planning in Neon Chrome

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Internally we’ve called Neon Chrome a “pseudo-realistic indoor top-down shooter”. This means that the game happens inside a building with at least “somewhat believable interior decoration” and “not completely unrealistic floor layouts”. These parameters were set by the gameplay design: Fun gameplay will be the primary goal and the immersive environment a secondary goal. So,

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Neon Chrome Launches on 28th April 2016 on Steam

We finally have a launch date 28th April 2016! Wohoo! We’re still implementing a feature or two but after that we have only two weeks to release and we need to focus on testing and final polish. We’ll be also publishing more articles about the development of Neon Chrome in the near future. The article

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Development Progress Update

This week we’ve been working on things listed below. The rest of the week will probably be spent with console stuff plus further general fixing and tweaking. We also need to start thinking about the trailer and other marketing stuff as we start to close on the yet unannounced Steam release date. We’re researching mod/ucg

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About Procedural Level Generation in Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome mostly runs on procedurally generated levels as the standard levels in game are all products of algorithms. In addition to standard levels the game includes hand crafted areas in the form of boss fights, hidden special levels, and story levels. However, most of the shooting is done in the procedurally generated levels. There

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Steam Beta and Development Update


At the moment we’ve been playing the game with a small group of little over 20 people on Steam for around two weeks. This week we’ll send out more invites and keys with the goal of getting 30-50 new players into the game. The feedback has been only positive and people seem to enjoy the

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